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Inaugural Blog Post

Hello everyone! This post marks my first blog post and the official launching of! I'll be using this website as a professional portfolio, while this blog will have more personal elements. I decided to jump on the personal website trend because it provides a convenient hub for employers, collaborators, and other interested parties to view my work. The site also acts as a portal for me to practice writing, both scientific and otherwise. I've loved writing since I was a child, when I would write wild fantasy stories about my favorite characters (fanfiction before we knew what fanfiction was). Over the years, I found myself only writing for school or academic related reports and my other musings fading away. This blog is my way to rediscover the joys of writing.

That being said, what is this blog actually about? I want to use this space to explore my thoughts on grad school, moving away from home for the first time, food, storytelling, and anything else I find particularly interesting. I'll talk about books, games, math, and the Food Network. I'll regale you with highly exaggerated tales of my own misadventures. I may even start writing short stories again.

I'm going to end this blog post with a gallery of homemade Chicago pizza. In my family, cooking was a group effort, and over 20-some years my parents taught me the ins and outs of good food. Now that I'm 800 miles away from home, I feel that cooking is a way to stay connected to my family. A week or two ago, I made a set of pizzas for a housewarming party. What you see below is the glorious glorious result.

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